Dance. The implementation of inspiration into movement.

My work touches, crosses or encompasses areas of different dance styles and techniques, performance, acting, choreography, teaching, somatic practices and dance studies.
Practically and theoretically I move within the independent scene, commercial fields of work, social, integration and DanceInSchool projects.

_ Dance Studies at Freie Universität Berlin
_ Choreography studies at “Ernst Busch” Academy of Performing Arts/Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin
Master of Arts 2017
_ Yoga education at Institute for Yoga and Health Cologne
Certificate with Honors
_ Dance studies at University for Music and Dance Cologne (Centre for Contemporary Dance)
and at Amsterdam School of Arts (De Theaterschool) in The Netherlands
Bachelor of Arts 2013
_ Dance Studies at Steps on Broadway New York City USA
Certificate 20 month ISVP
_ Architecture studies at Leibniz University Hanover